How Brands Should Think About Facebook: a Loyalty Program

An interesting post from AdAge on how brands should be using Facebook as a loyalty programme.

Reading this I’m not sure whether this is good or bad, yeah i can see how giving anybody who has “liked” you a discount would increase sales, but I think that’s best left for retailers to do. Serious brands should be using Facebook to communicate with their customers and give them news on new products, and to communicate why this is the best widget or whatever out there for this price.

I think it’s also important to take on cutomer feedback too, and let customers know that it’s all being taken on board with new product updates / announcements. That way people will feel personally tied to your brand and this will increase your engagement online, but also your sales. This in turn will lead to better products, which will lead to better sales.

I think thats how brands should be using Facebook, leave retailers to be using it as a loyalty programme.

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