Changing Direction

For nearly 8 months I have been working as a freelance web developer and have enjoyed every minute of it.

Mostly I have enjoyed working with fellow developers who I wouldn’t normally get chance to work with and see different processes and ways of working (both good and bad) that has helped me form a better opinion of good development practices and reinforced (but also shattered) some of the notions and ideas which I strongly believed in.

Although freelancing has been broadly successfully there are aspects of working at development companies I have missed. I have missed having a relationship with the application I developed and missed having that “ownership” typically my experience of freelancing has been creating something and setting it free into the wide world where you may never see / work on it again. Freelancing has taught me that I miss this aspect of development work, and crave the continuos refinement work that goes on in developing a system.

However I also started thinking about the future and the kind of agency I would want to work at and it got me thinking that a start-up / small and agile culture would have to be key to any new role I took. This was born out of experiences working for some large development companies where many of the systems and processes were developed / in place before I arrived and felt that your ideas were either derided or not discussed appropriately or if your ideas were listened to change would happen at a glacial pace.

So I’m happy to say that several weeks ago I was happy to accept a position at Colewood Internet where so far the pace has been frantic but ultimately extremely rewarding. A place where my contributions are happily taken on board and championed not only by myself but the rest of the team in a short space of time, and has proved that change needn’t move at a glacial pace.

Continue to watch this space to learn more about the work I’m doing in the coming months

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