eBay Agrees to Acquire Magento

The past several years have been an amazing journey for Magento, as we’ve grown from a new open source platform into an eCommerce leader. Along the way, we’ve built not only a platform, but a company and a worldwide community. Together, we’ve identified opportunities, taken risks, innovated, struggled, succeeded, and changed the face of eCommerce. Today marks a milestone on this journey as we announce the most exciting news in our company’s history.

Magento has reached an agreement to be acquired by eBay Inc. We believe this move will open incredible opportunities for the entire Magento ecosystem.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens to Magento now. eBay have had a minority stake in Magento for quite some time, so I’m not sure why either party decided that a full acquisition was needed.I just hope they don’t become a more closed platform, and start giving priority to eBay partners (e.g. Paypal).




UK retailers arent ready for mobile commerce: survey

An article on the econsultancy.com illustrating the findings of a survey 100 it directors at UK retailers and 1000 consumers by Vanson Bourne.

I wouldn’t say this is necessarily true, I know a lot UK retailers who have mobile versions of the site, also the article mentions this:

Compared to US firms such as eBay and Amazon, many UK retailers have been relatively slow to react to the potential of mobile commerce, but that has changed over the past 12 months.

What it doesn’t mention is that many in the UK spend millions with eBay and Amazon each year. So although they are classed as US companies, they should also be included in the survey of UK companies.

What is clear from this survey though is that mobile is becoming more important and that retailers need to create mobile apps / versions of their website. If you use Magento as your e-commerce platform there are several mobile skins on Magento Connect, as well as Magento’s native mobile app for iPhone / iPod Touch, iPad and Android phones.



EBay Buys GSI for $2.4B in Bid to Manage E-Commerce for Big Retailers

EBay has agreed to acquire GSI Commerce, the e-commerce technology and marketing services company, for $2.4 billion in cash and stock. In its second-largest deal to date, eBay is making a play to manage the e-commerce operations of other large retailers and brands, opening another front in its competition with Amazon.

This may be true, however I’m not sure whether Amazon or eBay gives good enough value for money for big brands, the exposure and marketing that both of these provide are incredibly useful for small to medium sized retailers, however for large brands which have huge brand recognition it may not be beneficial to them. Why pay a percentage to a third-party on every sale when they may end up purchasing from your website in the first place at a fraction of the cost?

Another problem for brands is to maintain their relationship with stockists / dealers, which means that the brand would be directly competing with their own stockists on both of these services. Also brands typically don’t want to divert from RRP to eliminate devaluing their brand and annoying their stockists / dealers, people on Amazon and particularly eBay are looking to get the best deal and find the product at it’s cheapest. I doubt that brands can compete with their stockists and not devalue their brand or risking alienating some of the people they rely on the most.

One thing this purchase may mean though is that eBay may try to get GSI to use Magento Commerce (which eBay also owns a large share in), this could greatly increase the adoption of Magento’s enterprise and professional products.



Magento Announces Apple iPad and Android Support for Magento Mobile

Nice to see that Magento has added Android and iPad support to Magento Mobile offering.

I’ve been a big fan of the iPhone version of the software, it integrates easily with your store, and allows you to personalise your app.

Pricing isn’t too bad either, compared to the comparative cost of getting someone to design the system from scratch, although I wish they would start supporting more payment providers other than PayPal Mobile.




Magento Store Mobile Previewer Launch

Since the launch of the Magento Mobile I’ve wanted to see how some of our client’s websites may look as mobile apps, or how to demo this functionality to them.

So it’s great to see that Magento is giving us the ability to do this with the launch of Magento Store Mobile Previewer. This consists of two parts:

1. The Magento Mobile Extension for your website which allows you to configure your application, with logos, etc.

2. A free iPhone application which connects to your website and allows you to view the store, however all of the checkout functionality is removed.




Magento for Designers: Multi-Store Functionality

We’ve done this for a couple of clients, particularly those who want websites in multiple languages, or want to manage several different websites from the same admin so that orders can be processed easier, or because they want the same stock on two different websites.

This is a a good tutorial for those who are unfamiliar with Magento’s multiple store features, or unsure on how to set them up.

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Magento Certification


This is something I think Magento quickly needs to establish, there seems to be too many poor implementations of what is otherwise a fantastic system.

I’m hoping that there is also a certification level for Extension developers, as again there are good and bad ones.