For Top News Sites, Facebook Drives More Traffic Than Twitter

This doesn’t surprise me. If you’ve ever shared a link or any other kind of media on Facebook it includes an image, making it stand-out against all of the other status updates and hence more inviting to click. Twitter on the other hand has a more equal model, where there are no images and so people may feel less inspired to click, or less likely to notice a link.

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How a Carmaker Let Consumers “Like” It on Facebook — Without a PC or Phone [VIDEO]

A nice video on mashable showing how Renault used RFID cards and some iMacs to allow people to “Like” their cars without needing a laptop / mobile phone. This allows you to share your real-world experience with your “online” friends.

This seems like a very cool use, and also helps to raise awareness of the product to people who weren’t at that particular event.

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What Marketers Need to Know About Facebook’s Switch to iFrames

This is great, and something which we’ve been talking about in the office over the past few weeks / months.

This gives our clients much more control over their Facebook presence, no loner do they need to know FBML or HTML or anything else, now we can give them the ability to manage their presence via their website Content Management System via the use of iFrames, to present content from their website to their Facebook fans.

What could be simpler?

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How Premium Fashion Brands Are Maximizing Their Social Media ROI

A nice article describing how some of the premium fashion brands are using social networks, and maximizing their Return On Investment.

There was a REALLY interesting snippet in here too:

“This year alone, our luxury retail clients saw an average 200% increase in mobile visits versus last year on our sites; they saw another spike after Christmas to about 230% year-over-year. Currently, mobile accounts [form] 10% of their online traffic and 5% of their sales; that’s a seven to twelve time increase over last year.”

Mobile is truly taking off in a huge way, although we need to think about the audience of these sites, these will typically be high net worth individuals with disposable income, meaning they can afford to buy the latest smart phones, along with their bespoke suits, and Louis Vuitton bags.

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