Colewood Internet

My main responsibility at Colewood is to act as a technical lead on a number of technical projects. This includes aiding in the planning of projects and creating specifications for clients and fellow developers. One of my main roles is also to mentor and advise junior developers on the team.


Since starting at Colewood I have implemented a number of development processes. Upon my arrival I was quick to establish the need for code repositories, and now all applications are stored within Git repositories. This included the setup of a continuos integration server (TeamCity) which ensures that all of our code is documented, a similar style and standard and that no syntax errors or code which may fail unit tests is deployed onto the server. This reduces the risk of erroneous code or errors being deployed into a production environment.


Recently my focus has been developing internal tools for various parts of the company to increase productivity and reduce the amount of time being used to do menial tasks hence speed up processes within the company.