Introducing Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels

Some call it multi-touch attribution, others call it engagement mapping. Google calls it Multi-Channel Funnels and it has to be one of the biggest talking points in online marketing measurement circles today.

Whatever you want to call it, it is now live in limited pilot for some lucky Google Analytics customers.

A quick note: Google has let us know that the feature called Multi-Channel Funnels discussed in this blog post is in limited pilot. That means that Google is testing the feature and its usefulness to a small group of trusted testers, and has not made any plans or a timeline for a full launch.

To be clear, what we’re talking about here is the end of last-click-only attribution in probably the most widely used web analytics platform in the world (if launched to everyone). This is a feature which until now has been available only to those with big annual web analytics budgets.

This is going to be useful.



UK retailers arent ready for mobile commerce: survey

An article on the illustrating the findings of a survey 100 it directors at UK retailers and 1000 consumers by Vanson Bourne.

I wouldn’t say this is necessarily true, I know a lot UK retailers who have mobile versions of the site, also the article mentions this:

Compared to US firms such as eBay and Amazon, many UK retailers have been relatively slow to react to the potential of mobile commerce, but that has changed over the past 12 months.

What it doesn’t mention is that many in the UK spend millions with eBay and Amazon each year. So although they are classed as US companies, they should also be included in the survey of UK companies.

What is clear from this survey though is that mobile is becoming more important and that retailers need to create mobile apps / versions of their website. If you use Magento as your e-commerce platform there are several mobile skins on Magento Connect, as well as Magento’s native mobile app for iPhone / iPod Touch, iPad and Android phones.



Taking Credit Card Payments Online: What’s Involved?

A nice article here from Smashing Magazine, which should prove useful for anyone thinking of starting an e-commerce website.

If you’re looking to integrate a credit card payment solution onto your website, the following steps are a guide to applying for, enabling and taking payments online. At first glance, the prospect of integrating a payment solution on a website can seem unwieldy, what with the vast array of payment options and technical acronyms. This article breaks down the entire process into bite-sized pieces, helping you understand the process much better.

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