UK retailers arent ready for mobile commerce: survey

An article on the econsultancy.com illustrating the findings of a survey 100 it directors at UK retailers and 1000 consumers by Vanson Bourne.

I wouldn’t say this is necessarily true, I know a lot UK retailers who have mobile versions of the site, also the article mentions this:

Compared to US firms such as eBay and Amazon, many UK retailers have been relatively slow to react to the potential of mobile commerce, but that has changed over the past 12 months.

What it doesn’t mention is that many in the UK spend millions with eBay and Amazon each year. So although they are classed as US companies, they should also be included in the survey of UK companies.

What is clear from this survey though is that mobile is becoming more important and that retailers need to create mobile apps / versions of their website. If you use Magento as your e-commerce platform there are several mobile skins on Magento Connect, as well as Magento’s native mobile app for iPhone / iPod Touch, iPad and Android phones.