A Review Of Customer Service And Support Models Of Premium WordPress Shops

Although I don’t do much with WordPress on a day to day basis now, and even when I did we always used to custom develop our themes rather than purchase them off-the-shelf from a theme store, but if you’re watning to setup your own blog / website and don’t want to put the time / money into getting a bespoke design then these theme stores are the perfect place for you.

I’ve personally had experience of using woothemes and found it was excellent, which is backed up by Smashing Magazine’s review. There seems to be a lot of less than great websites offering themes for WordPress though, so it’s good to find out who the heroes in this sector are.



Detailed Comparison of Premium WordPress Theme Clubs

A nice article on Smashing Magazine reviewing some of the popular Magento theme clubs.

WordPress professionals are faced with many options when deciding which membership-based theme providers are worth their investment. It is important to know how frequent future releases are, what your actual cost will be over time and what kind of support you can expect. It is also important to know what types of themes you will be gaining access to. What I will provide in this article is information to help you compare the details of popular WordPress theme clubs, so that you can more easily determine which might be useful in your situation.